RX plz iv antibiotics and all

24 yr female pt hv a persist rt illac pain ( 10 days ) No h/o vomiting , diarrhea No. H/o fever

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Persistent pain rt iliac fossa Usg suggest probe tenderness Suggestive of chr appendicitis Rx broadspectrum antibiotics like amoxyclav625mg 1bd Tab ofloxacin 400mg 1 bd Antispasmodics

Thanx dr Kute Ankush

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Prob tenderness in fig means inflammatory lision in appendix or caecum most probably it appendicitis But in DD TYPHLITIS COLITIS OR RARELY OOPHARITIS LEAST CHANCE BUT FIST TRY IV TAZOMAC45gmbds Inj AMIKACIN 50g Bds IV metrogyl bds And bendplus asdr Ankush doubt can not BIHIND curtoon Antispasmodic If not relief then laprotmy and do surgery as appendicectomy Or other operable lision if amy


Tnx Dr Ashok Leel sir

Chr appendicitis. Bs antibiotics clavam CL 625 bd or Inj ceftam 1gm iv bd slowly. Inj metrgyl 100mi iv bd or tds orally Meftal spas TDS or im sos. Adv USG Abdo and other investigation surgeon opinion will be of great help.

Thanks Dr Kute Ankush

Indeed appendicitis Suggest for appendectomy

Rx Abhyadi qwath BD Galo ghan tab 1bd Arogyavardhini ras tab 2bd panchsakar powder HS for 2 to 3 days.

?Acute colitis.. ? Acute appendicitis Tab drotin ds bd Tab rifagut 400 mg TDs Tab rantac 150 mg bd SOS CT abd and pelvis (p+c)

Acute colitis Acute appendicitis worm bag

It may be acute appendicitis.. Or colitis

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