24 yr old male pt having following usg report .....pt having pain in abdoman after meal nd no other history ....wht is th Rx for this condition



Young male with chronic abdomen need to be evaluated with possible DD..... PUD. Chronic pancreatitis. Biliary colic. SAIO. Chronic constipation. Ureteric stones small missing on USG. Abd TB. Any missed blunt abd trauma. Less likely mesenteric vascular, malignant pathology for the given age. Medical causes. Evaluation by... Scopies, CECT abdomen to rule out emergency surgical cause

USG is normal except grade 1 fatty liver and a 3.5 mm calculus in middle pole of RT kidney. Pain is not related to any of these causes . Most likely Giardiasis with associated PAD Treatment is Ornidazole 500 mg B.D for 5 days along with PPI ,Mebeverine and a pre probiotic

Do LFT , R/E of stool. DX :Amoebiasis Rx: tab esomoperazole 40 bd , tab Tinidazole 500 bd , tab drotavarin 80 bd , tab udiliv 300 bd , cap probiotic bd , cap Silimarin +lecithin bd + dietary adv.& rest.

Start ursodeoxycholic acid Do a lft

For fatty liver Rx is

It's a Case Of - Abdominal Angina Investigation - Do Mysentery artery colordoppler..

Acid peptic disease

Abdominal ischemia

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Its gastritic pain....go for ppi..h.pylori kit...

Atorvastatin if obesity ia also there

Amoebic infection

Rx is for it
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