Pt has h/o fever Cough and cold for 3-4 days An episode of loose motion yesterday And rashes today over face neck n torso.. No any h/o drug allergy/bt/other medical illness Her sister too had such rashes 15 days back over face and neck.


Measles rashes THERE is one formula to remember rashes fever 1 Very. Varicella 2.Sick. scarlet 3.People pox 4.MUST. measles 5.Take. thyphus 6.Double dengue 7. Tea. Thyphiod U can diagnose fever from the of fever to day of rashes DR SHRI DHAR
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4 D,s and 3 C,s ( Formula) 4 D- Four days fever, and 3C-cough,cold, conjunctivitis With koplick's sport that is measles ...
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Viral exanthem/measles rashes
Measles rashes. Typically appearing on 3-4 day of febrile illness associated with cough cold , sore throat , conjunctivitis, koplik's spot in front of 2 nd molar tooth, rashes usually involve face neck and upper trunk. Rx: conservative management, with antibiotics, vit A supplements
Any h/o antibiotics intake Acute generalised exanthematous pustuloses
Please Rule out Henoch Schoenlein Purpura
Seems like purpura ,to rule out dengue
Viral exanthem / scarlet fever
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