Heart shaped tooth

Female patient complaint of pain in 37.On examination found heart shaped tooth . I excavated the caries and tried to locate mesiobuucal canal then gave a formocresol dressing .But now I m confused and unable to identify the pulp chamber and root canals in the radiograph.

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Prognosis is poor for this tooth.Floor of the pulp chamber is reached and likely to be perforated.Is there any bleeding present? Apart from that, coronal tooth structure is insufficient and compromised thus, making prognosis of post endodontic restoration poor.
How about going for a restoration

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with use of scaler u can clean the chamber again
Yes I have cleared the various lesion and reached the pulp chamber but radiographically two roots are merged like a heart

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Acc to the iopar, the tooth is very compromised, restoration leads to pain as well as swelling bcoz the pulp chamber is open. On the very next day patient will come back to you with swelling if u go for restoration. Even rct will not work in this case. So exraction is the treatment of choice in such cases.
Thank you doctor
I don't see any extension of roots and if the patient is willing to save the tooth .. just excavate the carries and do a restoration and yes take a consent sign from patient and explaining the same and best wishes doc
Complete excavation of the caries & infection. If no symptoms, follow up with restoration. There's no point in making a canal,coz no extenion of roots
Thank you doctor

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