Chronic Psoriasis

16 years old female patient with k/c/o psoriasis since last 11 years There is a lesions on both foot legs palm and scalp weight : 54.8 kg mala pravruti : 2 times/day (niram) mutra pravruti : 7-8 times/day (niram) prakruti : kaphapitta on skin examination 1. Occasional bleeding 2. scaling 3. Edematous foot lab investigations 1. c- reactive protein increased 2. ESR raisd Final Diagnosis: Erythematous Psoriasis associated with eczema TREATMENT PROTOCOL ACCORDING TO AYURVEDA 1. Virechan therapy snehpana with Panchtikta ghrita After virechan therapy 2. Panchtikta Guggulu 3. Kaishoradi Guggulu 4. Mahamanjisthadi Ghana vati 5. Haridra khanda 6. Gandhak rasayana 7. Gandhak malhara + Jatyaditaila for local application 8. Chakramarda churna



Dear Dr. Aniruddhasinh Rathod. Advice for the case. You may add Lippu oil for local application. Advice for dhyan at least 24 minutes must, because its psychosomatic disorder.
Thankyou sir for your valuable guidance