Uses of Guduchi

Charaka Sutrasthana 25 – Guduchi / giloy is best to cause astringent effect, promoting digestion, alleviating Vata, Kapha, constipation and Raktapitta (bleeding disorders) Other uses: Rasayani -Rejuvenative Sangrahini -brings about absorptive nature to stomach and intestines, Useful in malabsorption syndrome, diarrhoea. Balya -improves strength Agnideepani -Improves digestion power Amahara -relieves Ama -indigestion Trut hara -relieves excessive thirst (as seen in fever) Dahahara -relieves burning sensation in the body. Note that though Guduchi is Hot in potency, it helps to relieve burning sensation. This action is brought about by its Madhura Vipaka. (Sweet after-taste). Sweetness is coolant in nature. Mehahara -useful in treatment of diabetes, urinary tract disorders. Kasahara -Useful to relieve cough Paunduhara -relieves anemia Kamala -Useful in treatment of jaundice and related diseases of liver Kushta -Useful in skin diseases Vatasra -Vatarakta -Useful in gout-arthritis Jvara -Useful in fever. 90% of Ayurvedic medicines for fever contain Guduchi as an essential ingredient.

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