Hello All,Today l would be sharing about Keloid Keloid is a circumscribed new growth of connective tissue ,of which there are two forms -False and True The false form of keloid develops from an old scar ,while thr True form occurs without any previous injury to the skin. ETIOLOGY- Is unknown but seen commonly in tubercular patients who have deep-seated nervous troubles. Also they develop from traumatic lesions after surgical operations and from old scars . SYMPTOMS- The disease begins as bean sized nodules embedded deeply, yet slightly elevated from the surface. They are smooth with radiating roots from their margins. The disease progresses very slowly and there is very little color change if any. PROGNOSIS-It is a slow and difficult disease to cure . Medicines like Fluoric acid ,Silicea,Graphites, Nit acid,Causticum ,Tuberculinum ,Sabina ,Psorinum have been found useful in dissolving the keloid. Dr.Pererna B.H.M.S

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