24y/m have head injury have taken treatment mannitol/eptoin/antibiotics etc regarding ct scan but he is feeling giddiness/vertigo/blurred vision/photophobia/imbalance/now LATEST MRI sharing here.suggestions what should action been taken now


Tiny haemorrhages at frontopariatal right and occipital region , patient will take some more time to recover. Add vitamin B 12.

Cerebral concussion.

poper clinical history. liver function test S. amonia level suggested. MRI finding suggests possibility of changes of acute hyperamonamia - acute hepatic encaphalopathy. please give follow up

Post traumatic . palliative treatment

postconcussion syndrome supportive treatment only

pt should take rest till asymptomatic Do not increase O2 demand of the brain

Sir is there is any role of physiotherpy in case of this patient

phenytoin toxicity stop phenytoin

take help of neurologist

Okay thank you sir

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