25/ male ,great toe swelling since 1 month,painless , gradually increase in size... kindly opine

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Images are not distinct. Assortment of spindle cells chondroid tissue and myxoid tissue. ?CHONDRO MYXOID FIBROMA. SUG.CLINICAL CORRELATION IMAGING. POST CLEAR HIGH MAGNIFICATION IMAGE S

- tumour tissue composed of bland spindle cells within a myxoid stroma with blood vessels - Cell arranged in random, loose storiform and fascicular growth pattern -mild nuclear atypia -occasional multinucleated stromal giant cells and mitotic figures D/D.1. Superficial acral fibromyxoma 2.Cutaneous myxoma/ superficial angiomyxoma 3.Fibrous histeocytoma 4.Myxoid neurofibroma

Benign spindle cell tumour vascular spaces are seen and stroma is hyalinized and bland nuclei Haemangiopericytoma? Angiofibroma?

Nodular tenosynovitis

Lymhocytic INFILTRATION of Cutaneous nerve ..... Indeterminate Leprosy

Spindle cell tumor..

Nodular/ Diffuse Tenosynovitis.

villonodular teno synovitis.

spindle cell neoplasm. IHC for categorization


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