25 y/o 20wks primi presented with difficulty in eating since 2 days. She had suffred from acute tonsillitis 5 days ago for which was put on Tab Amoxicilin 500mg TDS and Tab PCM sos. She started developing these lesions the next day which started on the inner side of cheek and middle of tongue. The lesions progressed to involve the margins of lips and the gingival mucosa. D/D: ADVERSE REACTION to AMOXICILLIN I stopped all medications and would really welcome advice on management.

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It's Apthous stomatitis Give Tab.Riboflavin +folic acid 1OD Tab.Limcee 1OD And Glycerin based gel for local application

Is this ulcers recurrent? Are there any hlo vesicles & rupture to form ulcers? These two factors are important in this patient with the presentation. Primary herpetic gingivostomatitis is a condition where prodromal symptoms of sore throat will be present followed by lesions after few days. Moreover gingiva shows inflammation. Any history of fever? only conservative mgt needed now.

These are not recurrent. First episode. No h/o vesicles and rupture. H/o fever present.

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Apthous ulcer or may be stress ulcer give vitamin c nd plain antibiotic of you choice plus glycerine based applicant to apply locally

Aphthous ulcer Riboflavin Folic acid Limcee Mouthwash

Aphthous ulcers.

This case is simple apthus ulcer.it can be treated with tab vitagreat hs and tab nuforce 150 hs and require clenora gel TDs locally before food and lexnox cream after food bid.syp beplex forte tds

Tablet Althrocin 500mg .......sumoflam .....cobadexfort .....betadin mouthwash + hydrogenperaoxide 6% for gorgalling with normal water .....and also swallow a glass of water with salt .....used this water for gargalling and also inhale it but just one spoon ......and at last penta DSR

Apthus ulcer

Marginal gingiva in photograph appears reddish too.might be apthous or herpes. History of lesions is important

No h/o vesicles

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tess gel application with becusules .....

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