25 years male having left sided breast enlargement..isn't it

25 years male having left sided breast enlargement..isn't it gyneconastia?please suggest treatment.It's painless.



Any unilateral gynecomastia calls for an USG especially if tender. Have the testes examined for consistency. Have a good day.

If it's a lipoma cyst u need not worry. Tell the patient to relax but if it is causing cosmetic problem to patient as gynecomastia may cause some psychological stress to patient than a surgical review is advised. As only permanent treatment is excision of lipoma.

please show the anteriar view ,as per the history of patient it seems lipima

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gynecomastia Generally... Treatment may not be required in some cases. In other cases, treatment focuses on managing the underlying condition. Rarely, medical or surgical treatment is necessary.

detailed history and investigation should be carried out to reach the final diagnosis and cause. After proper diagnosis only perfect treatment can be advised. If it is due to hormonal imbalance then Ashwagandha is a good choice of drug .

Dr.Rakesh M.Pathak Consultant Ayurvedic Physician True gynecomastia involves an increase in the duct tissue and in the periductal stroma.There is generally palpable glandular tissue behind the areola.If it is lipoma no such tissue is palpable behind areola.Initially there is tenderness but if the condition lasts for longer than a year periductal stroma becomes fibrous and then gynecomastia tends to persist.Other conditions which cause swelling in the breast should be considered such as carcinoma or neurofibroma. The most common pathology for gynecomastia is a decreased ratio of free androgens to free oestrogens.There is considerable controversy about the normal and pathogenic ratio of free T/ Free E.So it is imperative to consult expert endocrinologist for the right interpretation of the report. Hepatitis & Cirrhosis of the liver should be ruled out as the causative factor by ALT,AST and alkaline phosphatase concentrations in the plasma.It is imperative to find out the real cause which are numerous. One shoud go from common to rare etiology logically. Sometimes there may be undue sensitivity of breast tissue to normal circulating hormones. The judicial approach for the treatment is dependent upon the etiological factor(s),presence or absence of tenderness,chronicity and patient's psychological sensitivity for the cosmetic dilemma.

Where it is written the most common cause u mentioned...please show the standard reference...as per I know.its idiopathic

Very poor photo ...exact requirements for surgery could not be assessed as grading could not be done due to photo quality ..photographer should know other seeing only this one photograph and photographer saw 1000s photos of different anagle with 3D perception also..without any proper clinical history or proper photograph ..making advices seems to be quack advice.thank you

in this problem hormonal imbalance occurred. kancgnar Guggle ,chanderprabha vati,punarvadi mandir, dasmool kwath,sarvkalp kwath

dear Dr. shinde the differentials are gynaecomastia. Lipoma,cyst, chest lump etc. a s there is no pain. But all those can be ruled out by a plain X Ray, or by FNAC, LIPOMA, cyst definitely need a surgery but if it is a gynaecomastia, for 2/3 week you can try with medicine before that you can examine clinically, gynaecomastia is a hard indurated mass, tender on palpation. you can try with 1. kanchanara Guggulu 1 tab b. d 2. triphala Guggulu 1 tab b. d. 3. chitrakgranthyadi kashaya 20ml b.d. 4. along with this fomentation can be given with a piece of bricks made hot (Prasthara sweda) with a precaution, that it shouldn't suppurate otherwise surgery is the best option.

Durawa ras aplicebal breast incrsment will be stope and decided hone lagega thnx.

Fresh Durva milk for Aplicebal T. kanchnargugul 2tds, T. KaisorGugul 2tds a week And after than boths 1,1tsd, thanks.

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