25 years male Mental retarded, Black patches on axilla shoulder back and neck, no itching No burning diagnosis? Treatment?



Acanthosis nigricans?

Pityriasis versicolor

Hyperpigmented plaques with very fine scaling usually asymptomatic and may ve recurrent. Wood lamps examination may show dull green flourescent in case of hyperpigmented plaque. Pityriasis versicolor diagnosis. Tab fluconazole 400 mg stat dose and ketoconazole cream topical twice daily for 3 weeks but should be councelled that it may recurr

Pityriasis versicolor dd erythrasma

D/d- pityriasis versicolor,erythrasma,post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Tinea incognito

Pitryasis versicolor

T.versicolor with hyperpigmentation

P versicolor

Itraconazole 4to 8 weeks


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