25 yr male neck swellings of 10 days durarion..no constitutional symptoms..no active PT.apettite normal.management please



Lymphadenits, do FNAC first,if necessary biopsy. while taking biopsy only u will come to know the diagnosis, if u get a put with casease material, then tuberculosis, otherwise inflammation, malignancy. HPR report will confirm.

Can lymphadenitis occur without any systemic symptoms? What is the consistency of swelling ?

i would do ultrasonogram. It will show number of lymph nodes involved. caseation, cold abcess could be diagnose. Excision biopsy is preferred. histology, TB culture is also possible. MDR TB could be diagnosed.

Sir pls do a FNAC or biopsy. Further management depends upon the HPE. Also would recommend a CECT head and nech

Cervical Lymphadenitis FNAC Biopsy

supraclavicular lymph node..... havto r/o tb maybe pulonary and othr pulmonary pathologies too

Do routine blood tests : CBC, ESR Do USG Neck : help to see the lymphadenopathy at different levels, to see any caseation, matting, to do the guided FNAC, to aspirate pus if any for C/S & AFB staining. Other tests : Chest X-ray, Mantoux's test Finally you can do Biopsy.

Tuberculosis. .Referred to pulmonologisy openion.

Tuberculosis lymphadenitis

may be tubercular lymphadenitis fnac will confirm the diagnosis

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