25 yR old lady having auto immune disease IBS With Alopecia areata before 3 yrs she was suffer severe diahorea before 3 yrs , but after medicine she has no dihorrea but the Alopecia is not cure, before 3yrs the hair firstly losses from left eyebrow tiny little patch then ryt eyebrow then both eyebrows are loses and after taking steroids the eyebrows become grow and then the tiny patches was appear on scalp or patches become too much on scalp But she was take Ayurveda treatment for 1 yR then the recover but not permanently cure In now days she told me that hair falling and she was suffer little hair loss from left eyebrow then it become grow without medication but this type of problems repeated so she upset And she has Migrane or gastritis flatulence, pain in abdomen or headache specially during traveling nausea,vomiting Aggravating due to warm weather Ameliorate by winter cold weather cold things too much cravings for ice cream Mentally irritable, honest humble lady ,too much nervous about results exams or any important things, very much angry patient can't think before taking while anger, by nature soft but people see she is very egoistic, she feels like no one support her no one love her no buddy care and sad ,talking with her self, too much thought on mind ,hard working lady ,tension is key note, easily crying, peevish ,interested in study, gk Menses regular but inter menstrual spottings Physical make up medium complexion, normal body straight shiny hair ,dark brown big eyes ,attractive personality Before 3 yrs investigation b12 is too much low but she takes.medicine and now normal ,, thyroid function normal, Hb is 9gm Help me drs to solve this case



Dr.,we need more characteristic symptoms to prescribe on this case.Whatever data you have taken is superficial data. Go deep into case. You have also not mentioned thermals of the pt.See the physical generals also--- thirst,sleep-- position, dreams, menstrual history,leucorrhoea,history of pregnancy,abortion,hunger agg, wound healing, sun agg, wet getting agg, any food allergy, strong cravings & strong aversions, travelling agg. You have not mentioned all these things in your case!!!!Also regarding his mentals, you have to take in much details--- like childhood nature, parents IPR with pt, brother & sisters IPR with pt, memory,decision making, extrovert or introvert, talkative or taciturn, strong fears, anger patterns, worry, helpful nature how much??, Sentimental nature present or not, school performance, stage fright if present take details, fear of examination -- how much?? Fear of teachers if present how much??, Dancing desire if present how much is the intensity?? See to that whether there is any negative emotions,incident,tension which is causing this problem???

phos. is remedy alopecia Hot pt. cold desire ice cream desire+++ honest lady attractive pers.

Too much craving is syphlitic miasm so syphltic remedy us there

Firstly you will be start from sepia or nux for antidote the effect of steriods

Phosphorus 1M single dose in morning

Phosphorus 1m

Nit acid 30

Rx Constitutional remedy with PQRS

Majun muqawwi imsaq Roghan amla with roghan Roghan anar

Sepia 200,acid flour 30, jaborandi Q external usd

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