25 yr old male complaints of difficulty in opening mouth. He gives history of typhoid 7 month back and recur 7 days back . He consulted quack for typhoid treatment and during treatment he has this problem. Is there any correlation between typhoid medication treatment and trismus or lock jaw.I advice him Opg after intraoral investigation and tab sm fibro, chx mouth wash. What is your opinion docs.



Trismus, maybe impacted teeth, muscle relaxers

It cannot be cause of locked jaw. There can be dislocation of tmj, R any other disorder. It can b osmf too

Patient consulted quack and gave typhoid history,are you sure it 's a thyphoid case?may be other disease, may be rheumatoid fever case,though rare may be Still's disease,..are there any other signs and symptoms ?Please go for necessary simple blood test,do your part and manage trismus and if you think refer him to a physician.all the best doctor and please keep us updated...

Thank you doctor

Agree with @Dr. Partha Sarathi Sahana ....

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Typhoid can be the reason of trismus. Source: Essentials of Otolaryngology by Frank E. Lucente

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Any habits? Is pt a tobacco chewer? Some habits? Any burning sensation while having hot nd spicy food? Any third molar erupting which is causing difficulty in opening the mouth? Get an opg done and rule out each cause one by one. Till then, advice warm saline rinses and the physio therapeutical exercises for mouth opening. Thanks

Thank you doctor

Adv Opg

Advice him

Ask the patient to get an opg.

Medicines for typhoid cannot cause locked jaw. There is possibility of dislocation of tmj. Or it cud be any tmj disorder like ankylosis which has manifested now. Advice tmj views bcoz opg will not give a clearer view. Check for habits if any. Check the buccal mucosa for features of osmf.

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