25 yr old woman P0 A1... with history of missed abortion one month back. With these investigation reports. Does she need any trt now apart from Folic acid.?


I think no other treatment is necessary because increased level of IgM class of Anti Cardiolipin antibody is due to missed abortion, which have occurred one month back. To rule out SLE. Cardiolipin is a phospholipid, or a kind of fat in the blood. The levels of these antibodies are often high in people with abnormal blood clotting, autoimmune diseases like lupus, or repeated miscarriages.

Thank you.Actually they are worried about the next pregnancy.

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Put her on preconceptional folic acid She is ACA positive so low dose aspirin is needed.

Reassurance is the treatment of choice along with Folic acid @Dr. Minakshi Pal . Thank you.


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No need for any treatment now apart from folic acid.

No need of other treatment mam.

Maam here as you said preconceptional folic acid, yes. For apla to repeat in next conception.

Thank u Dr Priyanka.

Cardiolipin IgM is positive,so may need ecospirin 75 once she conceives apart from folic acid

ACA igM pos

@Dr. Renu

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