Lumber spondylosis With Right ovarian hemorrhagic cyst

25Y/ F com. of lumber spondylosis since 4 year sever back pain last 3 month c/o right ovarian hemorrhagic cyat since 2 month back pain < foreward,pressure >rest c/o right side leg pain (back to ankle ) c/o dysmenrrhoea since 4 month nausea- vomi. during menses weakness, pain all body trembling body during menses c/o leucorrhea since 1.5 years white sticy dis. c/o gas n acidity since 2 month pain in epigastric region fullness of abdomen constipation sometime c/o recurrent fever weakness thoduk kam kare thki jay c/o right side lower abdomen pain(ovrian region) c/o itching all body < winter P/H- tenia before 2 year(allo. rx) dengue before 4 year Typhoid-2 time F/H- NAD Hot thirsty desire- sour++, spicy+ (pela salty food khata) left side sleep plz suggest dr. medicine with totality?




If mind indicate please go for Lycopodium because pt. is rt. sided, lumber spondylosis, constipated with pain in rt. lower abdomen etc. are indicate lyco

Lycopodium 1 M single dose Sepia 30 TDs Calcaria Fluor 6 X TDs

Sabina 10 m one dose Calc -flour 6x 4tab tds

Arnica mon

Medo 1m stat Sulph 30 tds Calc flor 3x tds

Arnica Montana conium

Aesculus hip 30 tds for L S pain, &Aur mur nat 3X tds for 6 month


Sepia give as constitutional

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