25year old female pt presented with right breast lump in the upper outer quadrant of size 3x 3 cm firm, freely mobile. mammography and ultrasound -hypoechoic lesion with increased vascularity. birauds -4. aspirated gelatinous material. microscopic pictures are attached .



Smears prepared are cellular showing monolayered sheets arranged in staghorn pattern and tight cohesive clusters of bimodal population of benign ductal and myoepithelial cells. Background is proteinaceous showing presence of numerous bare bipolar nuclei , ? Few cyst macrophages and inflammatory cells . No evidence of fibromyxoid stroma noted in the smears examined. No atypia or any evidence of malignancy noted in the smears examined. Impression FNAC Right Breast - Cytomorphological findings are suggestive of a Benign Breast Lesion Note - In view of a BIRADS 4 on mammography , atypical ductal hyperplasia and malignancy needs to be ruled out ( BIRADS 4 - 25 to 38 percent chances of malignancy ) Advice Excision biopsy followed by HPE to definitely rule out any atypical ductal hyperplasia ( cannot be made out definitely on FNAC) and malignancy To correlate with other clinical findings Thanku Mam

Nice explanation sir..sir one request to you , kindly upload a post regarding BIRADS on mammogarphy if possible..its an important topic. Thank you sir..

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Hypercellular smears show sheets of ducal epithelial cells (Some forming papilla like structures ) with presence of apocrine change in few sheets. Bare bipolar nuclei and mucoid materials seen in the background. Impression : Smears are suggestive of intraductal papilloma with mucoid degeneration.

Smear of good cellularity shows monolayered sheets of ductal cells intermixed with myoepithelial cells. Scattered bare nuclei and myoepithelial cells seen. Mucinophages also seen in eosinophilic background. No evidence of fibromyxoid stroma in given slides. No evidence of malignancy seen. O/f/s/o- benign proliferative breast lesion with secondary changes. ? Cellular Fibroadenoma with secondary changes. Adv: biopsy to correlate with mammographic and USG findings

Fnac smears are adequately cellular. The ductular cells are mostly arranged in monolayered sheets. Background shows a few scattered bare nuclei and bipolar cells. The background also shows pinkish appearance. Diagnosis: Fibroadenoma.

sheets of ductal epithelial cells in monolayer. Cells are almost uniform. Bare nuclei of myoepithelial cells are present. No myxoid material. Goes in favour of fibroadenoma right breast. Adv. Excision biopsy and hpe

proliferative breast disease with atypical cells

Benign breast lesion

Fibroadenoma with myxoid changes

dd: myxoid fibroadenoma/ proliferative breast disease

Fibroadenoma Right Breast

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