25ym ,lesions since 7 month, severe itching, dd&tt



Nodular scabies

Nodular scabies


Genital herpes

Nodular scabies

it's NODULAR SCABIES GENITAL TYPE caused by parasite SARCOPTUS SCABEI PERMETHRIN lotion night times from neck to bottom After doing hot scrub bath with Permethrin soap PERMETHRIN cream apply on lesions part Tab IVERMECTIN 12 mg weekly once for 3 weeks. Tab levocetrizine daily night Will give good result

Dx :- Scabies on penile shaft. Please look for lesions in other parts of the body and h/o exposure etc . D / D :- Conditions to consider in the differential diagnosis of scabies include the following:- Genital herpes Id reaction (autoeczematization) Tinea infection Viral exanthem Folliculitis Bullous pemphigoid Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Necrotizing vasculitis B-cell lymphoma with monoclonal infiltrate Dermatologic manifestations of renal disease Dyshidrotic eczema Eosinophilic pustular folliculitis Erythroderma (generalized exfoliative dermatitis) Drug reactions etc. Lice Lichen planus Neurotic excoriations Papular urticaria Parapsoriasis Prurigo nodularis Psoriasis, guttate Psoriasis, pustular Seabather's eruption Syphilis Urticaria, cholinergicVesicular palmoplantar eczema Canine scabies Insect bites Kyrle disease

Scabies nodules

Nodular Scabies


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