25yo obese male patient. In the last month have had recurrent episodes of chest tightness and left brachial paresthesia as only symptoms, not associated with exercise. BMI 37.4 with out other comorbidities. Any ecg findings?


Obesity hypoventilation syndrome.

Are those pathalogic Q waves?

Tall R waves in limb leads. Q waves in 11,111,avF,and V-4-6. ST segments are normal. R/o HCM and old mi.

if the ekg is normal, could he have a thoracic mass compressing the brachial plexus?

I don't see anything abnormal on this EKG.

Looks fine to me. Any labs or chest X-ray?

T wave inversion in V1. Old Inferior MI.

Q-waves in ll, lll and avf..old MI.

Q wave in inferior leads;Old IWMI

Old inferior wall MI

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