26 wk pregnancy. Asymptomatic T 3 rise. Management?


Dear Shiv, There is no significance of asymptomatic raise of T3 alone. Best is to repeat the sample and also order for Free T3, T4 too. No treatment is required as of now. But do repeat TFT, Free T3, T4.

Ok. Thanks sir.

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In acute condition TSH will be normal with raised T3 or T4, which is called Euthyroid Sick Syndrome.

No Dr Parvez, Sick Euthyroid syndrome is a rare condition where you find low levels of Thyroid hormones including T3, T4, TSH in clinically Euthyroid patients with non thyroidal Systemic illness. Diagnosis is based on excluding hypothyroidism. Treatment is treating the underlying cause. Thyroxine Hormone replacement is not indicated. Low T3, T4, TSH characteristic of Euthyroid sick syndrome.

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not to worry . continue the pregnancy . repeat free t3, t4, tsh.

No treatment. Pregnancy is physiological disorder, raised T3 woo be back to normal after delivery.

Exactly dear Giridhar

after 12 wk of pregnancy. ..normal range for T3 & T4 is 1.5 times the upper limit of normal. So T3 upto 280 & T4 upto 18 is normal.

Exactly dear Pankaj

TSH in pregnancy is low due to HCG. it is lowest in 1st trimester 0.1 to 2.5 and 1.0 to 3 in 2 and and 3 rd trimester. But TT3 as well as TT4 is almost 1.5 times more than nonpregnant stage because increase globulin level but FT3 as well as FT4 is normal

in pregnancy free t3 nd t4 along with tsh values are done and then significance correlated .

TSH is given the priority in pregnancy

total t3 t4 levels has no significance in pregnancy. As of now in ur patient, No treatment is required

Not to treat only followup

No treatment required...

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