young male with Unilateral mild SNHL

26 year old male with left sided mild hearing loss since 1 year, no vertigo, no tinnitus. On otoscopy B/L tympanic membrane normal. PTA and tymapnogram and acoustic reflex is attached herewith. Kindly comment No history of loud sound exposure or ototoxic drug. My clinical.impression is NIHL. Kindly see and comment your differentials. And should we give a small course of steroid?



This is a high frequency hearing loss in left ear. The graph doesint show any sudden dib in 4000 Hz which is classical for NIHL. A through history may help in diagnosis like a head trauma or barotrauma or a meningitis or any autoimmune disease, or any hypercoagubility status etc. As a high frequency hearing loss may not affect his day today life, he can go with it, or use a hearing aid. Use of intratympanic corticosteroid like dexamethasone and methyl cobalamin tablets can be tried. But prognosis may not be good

Thank you doctor

No needto start. Oberve and repeated episoded of URI ,AOM .Evidence of facial palsy.Prolonged use of ear phone for music etc .Wax in the ear .H/O similar symptoms in family.Occupation etc.Dietary habits

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