26 years male with gastric biopsy Your opinion please ( not my case)



Nice to learn

Never seen before.so it's much difficult to get it. Thanks for sharing Sir..

Yes me too, only in text books we learn. Thanks for you all and curofians team

Nice case

Neuroendocrine tumor?

Not tumor sir, occurence of normal pancreatic tissue at abnormal location- Choristoma

Thanks for sharing

It is difficult and expect Answer: Pancreatic choristoma

Nice case sir Never seen before. Last slide looks like neuroendocrine tumour

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-tissue section lined by columnar epithelium and underlying submucosa with glands and circumscribed tumour tissue strcture - tumour tissue with glandular pattern of colonic type of cells contained in the muscularis mucosae . cells - stratified,highly pleomorphic , hyperchromatic nuclei with few mitosis Favouring, Gastric Adenocarcinoma ( Intestinal type)-( Lauren classification)

High NC ratio surface ulceration Loss of cell margins or cohesion Malignancy adeno carcinoma

Sir, Clue: That last slide is not native of gastric mucosa.

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No my dear, see the last slide


Answer: Pancreatic choristoma
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