26 yr old female pt,h/o difficulty in breathing,chest pain frm 6 months

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Agree with Dr.Sandeep

Bilateral patchy hazyness pneumonitis

? Bronchial asthma/ asthmatic bronchitis, hypersensitivity pneumonia HECT suggested

Agree with Dr. Shivraj Agrawal

Prominent bronchovascular markings Bilateraly Left mid costal nd bilateral basal haziness Tiney calcified opacities noted bilateraly Evaluate active infection over old infectiv sequel..

Illdefined lesion in rt apical zone in 2nd ics Calcified bodies bilateral discreetly placed Lt lower zone haziness Prominent bronchovascular markings bilateral Seems to old c/o healed lesion and sequele Lt basal pneumonitis?

Thanx dr Priyanka Pawar

Changes of pneumonitis seen

B/l lower zone hazziness ? Pneumonitis.? Left pleural effusion. Adv CBC, ESR, sputum for AFB, USG chest.

Thank you doctor

Bil prominent bronchovascular margins. Possibly chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Needs CT thorax.

Thank you doctor