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Anemia in pregnancy

26 yr old pregnant lady taking feronia XT Reports showing she is anemic Hb on 30/9/20 - 9.6% Hb on 30/11/20- 10.2% Hb on 12/2/21- 9.6% USG reports attached ( 28 weeks GA) What to be done next ?


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At this stage iron sucrose in normal saline can be given with protein diet

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Anemia of pregnancy Adv Inj iron sucrose 200 mg in 200 ml normal saline, given slowly over 2 hours

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At this stage iron sucrose in normal saline can be given with protein diet

Thanks Dr. Sanjaya Panigrahi, Dr.Dinesh Gupta

26/F..above reports suggestive of 28 weeks pregnancy with iron deficiency anaemia. WHO says below 10 as anaemia but normally below 9 considered for detailed investigation in preganancy. anaemia seen due to haemodilution and negative iron balance in body during pregnancy. if below nine,< 30 weeks of pregnancy considered oral iron therapy plus diet. can increase the dose of feronia xt for bd in such cases. if below 9 remains after 30weeks then mostly advisable for parenteral iron compounds Frankly speaking nothing worrysome in this case looks.its normal. gynecologist takes proper care of such cases. u can be free from anxiety.

Continue Iron supplementation. Diet rich in Iron should be advised. I don't think she needs parenteral iron as it is only 28 wks.

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Inj ferous ascorbate


Iv iron sucrose inj In indian lady we see 9 to 10 mg hb many times U should advice diet green leaf vegetables ,apple, peanuts

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