26 yrs married f suffering from pain chest,sob, restlessness since 4 yrs on & off, no dm no htn cxr,ecg,usg of w/A , NORMAL diagnosed as anxiety neurosis suggest ur opinions plz



Rule out eosinophilia and chest involvement

Pl ask about sleep disorder n sleep hygiene Rule out triggers associated acute bronchitis/ asthma PL get nutritional deficiency evaluation

Anxiety neurosis

Treat anxiety eith pharmacological intervention with alprazolam or propanol ... then assess the cause of anxiety with psychological test fir underlying fear .. treat with psychotherapy n Rtms therapy if available ... even thennnot improved then refer for in depth assessment to mental health professional

Cardiac neurosis

Advised psychiatric check up


Anxiety neurosis with Psychosomatic drugs . Tab Opipramol 50 mg is a good drug for psychosomatic symptoms . Add Opipramol 50 mg to clonazepam 0.25 which the patient is already taking .

Sir opipramol use is gud but i generally get results above 100mg.

TFT Psychiatrist opinion

It may be a case of costochondritis.

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