what should be the treatment of this palatal ulcer. patient is unable to swallow and is having pain


Its apthus alcer Cause . 1)bcomplex deficiancy 2)stress induse or sleeplessness Tab.Bcomplex...tds Tab.dexona...tds Tab.alprazolam .0.25 od at nt Mucopain gel b4. 10min of meal.it give teamparary relife pt can eat well
Treatment - 1. B-complex 2.mucopain 3.drink large amount of water 4.avoid spicy food . 5.maintain good oral hygiene .
Can you give little history about the same??....like duration of ulcer...is it recurrent?? Is it site specific?
There is lot of inflammation around also... so advice for this patient is 1. B complex capsules 2. Rexidine M Forte gel topical application and massage in circular motion for 2-3 min and then leave it for 5 min.. After 5 min rinse with water similarly should be done when going to bed, apply n massage n leave it overnight and next day morning rinse with water... 3. Betadine mouthwash 4. Avoid spicy and hot food 5. Consume more of fruits containing lot of fluid content 6. Tab Hifenac P 7. Maintain good oral hygiene
Tab B-complex Mucopain gel Topical 0.1% triamcinolone acetonide 3-4 times day Tetracycline mouth wash 3-4times daily and increased water intake.
Kenacort oral paste + hexigel for local application. Vit b + lycopene+ antioxidants . Tantrum for oral rinse.
B_complex+defcort 6mg+dentogel +rexidine gargle
Patient counselling if patient is suffering from any mental stress, ask the patient whether he or she gets adequate sleep, advise multi vitamin tablets and ask the patient to do salt water gargling and review after 1 week it the ulcer still persist then go for any oral local application like hexigel or kenacort oral paste etc.
As already stated by many duration, recurrence, any other site (genital) history to be elicited. Food habits avoid spicy food. Lot of fluids , anesthetic viscous lignocaine to be kept for some time and then spit. Topical ointment if feasible can be applied. Steroid topical also ok.sl dispersible analgesic if available
It's apthous ulcer and because of the site it's painful , only symptomatic treatment is required , local anesthetic gel 4 times daily and some pain killers systematically, it should heal in a weeks time
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