19 Y old girl got siewing machine needle punctured and broken and got stuck inside tip of little finger... on x ray showed need stuck deep into bone in distal phalynx. while removing needle we managed to remove part of needle which was inside soft tissue but bony fragment remained. how do this part can be removed.??


Sewing machine needle has hole in the tip It is likely to be broken in that area while removal. It means a fragment is inside distal phalanx Nothing to worry Can be removed under digital block Take xrays Need to incise the entry point in the pulp Use digital tourniquet You can see bone entry point Use a bone nibbler to expose the foreign body and remove it. Get plastic surgery help if needed Injection TT Tetglob also may be given Antibiotics for one week
X ray ap lateral surgeon under digital block possible in ot set up
Agree with Dr Riju N Sir