26y/m.Azoospermia treatment ???


1.Pre- testicular - Azoospermia - due to hormonal disturbances- .Male testicular hormone levels are tested and if decreased levels - hormonal replacement therapy is indicated 2.Testicular Azoospermia - structural defect in seminiferous tubules. No definite treatment possible. Diagnosed by testicular biopsy 3.Post - testicular Azoospermia- there is blockage in the ejaculatory ductal system Microvascular surgery holds promise in such cases and in expert hands - good results

Semen examination-Azoospermia. Rx-1-Hormonal assay Serum testosteron FSH. LH Prolactin. 2-testicular biopsy. 3-plasama blood sugar. 4-local and general physical examination.to exclude local pathology. If primary testicular failure on biopsy then no treatment. If seconary failure then hormonal therpy like hypopitutarism hypogonadism. Local pathology obstruction in vasa deferens and pampaniform plexusis may be surgically treated. Clomiphen citrate 25mg /25 days per month may be given. Close monitoring andreevalution every 3 month.

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