26yrs male working in automotive industry c/o these kind of lesions since 2 months.. Frequently exportation of skin+, fissures in the palmar skin +, Burning senstion in the palms+, he had give h/o frequently contact with THINNER(PAINT REMOVER)


It's allergic dermatitis . Allergy to turpentine (which is used as thinner) Middle finger shows clubbing (might be due to injury).

Allergic Dermatitis... When his burning aggravated

Contact dermatitis Advice to avoid exposure Topical potent steroids twice a day Topical emollients Antihistamines for itching

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis.

Contact dermatitis..due to frequent exposure to thinner ..treatment involves avoiding contact with the chemical ,liberal use of emollients and topical steroids..patient has clubbing too ..work up required for that ..

ACD with Clubbed Nail Melanonychia also noticed

Contact dermatitis with nail fungal infection

patient also has extensive clubbing - any lung disease present?

No sir

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@clubbing to rule out ild

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