27/Female with history of left hypochondriac Pain and left shoulder. history of Football player. attached xray




Rotation of xray And scan is absolutely Normal No pathology is seen Pain is in lt hypochondrium Needs usg abdomen It may be pleural pain refered to lt shoulder It needs further workout

Thanx dr Sandeep Ghodekar

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Lt hilar lymphadenopathy B/L hazy bases ? Bronchopneumonia R/O TB

Tnx Dr Gupta

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Not any diognostic significance of broncho pulmonary origin. Yes, LT.Shoulder seems to be reviwed with reference to its dislocation or mis alinment.

Cxr as such is not s/o anything,go for ecg and x Ray left shoulder AP/lat Give nsaids and PPI may be helpful in gastritis

Medially displaced gastric bubble,could be due to splenic haematoma/rupture.pain is referred to the left shoulder.

Prominent pulmonary conus seen For lt hypochondriac nd shoulder pain need to evaluate

? Shoulder dislocation Soft tissue swelling lt shoulder

Cxray shows prominent Pulmonary conus. Adv Echo CD. Evaluate seperatly for left shoulder pathology.

ADVISABLE... USG.... WHOLE. ABDOMEN ECG X. RAY......AP. View.....LATERAL. view ..... ...LT. SHOULDER.....

Left shoulder ? Shoulder dislocation pl correlate clinically

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