27 years female left lobe thyroid swelling FNAC - comment please



Follicular cells admixed with lymphocytes with delicate fibrosis. No askanization. P/O Lymphocytic thyroiditis . Advised harmonsl assay antibidy titre assay, radiological correlation.

Benign follicular cells with lymphocytes over hemorrhagic background - lymphocytic thyroiditis

Many scattered lymphocytes in a haemorrhagic background with few follicles. Suggestive of Lymphocytic Thyroiditis. Repeat FNAC is helpful with Radiological Clinical and TFT with Abs titres is helpful

only lymphocytic infiltrate on a haemorrhagic background go for anti thyroid antibidies to reach confirmed diagnosis

Lymphocytic thyroiditis

Few follicular cells in a background of plenty of lymphocytes and RBC's with negligible colloid. IMPRESSION..Overall picture is suggestive of autoimmune thyroiditis. D/D 1. Lymphocytic throiditis 2. Hashimoto's thyroiditis. ADVICE.. 1. Clinicopathological & Radiological correlation. 2. Repeat FNAC / HPE of biopsy of lesion 3. Antithyroid antibodies 4. Thyroid function tests

lymphocytic thyroiditis

Thank you all

Lymphocytic thyroiditis

Thyroiditis lympocytic

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