35 year old, case of infertility, 3 months of amenorrhea. usg showing ET-0.72cms, K/C/O Hyperthyroidism on medication

Yes hyperthyroidism be treated sure she must be under treatment.if she is married for quite sometime and if she is trying to conceive she must have undergone all basic investigations for infertility .the endometrial fine.(husbands seen analysis,HSG,ruled out any obstructive pathology or structural pathology separate it,bicornuate uterus etc etc.thenif all is well,then should be assisted to conceive.seeing her age,it should be started sooner than later.starting with induction of ovulation,proper timely followup with ovulation study, ovulate and conceive.if 3 cycles fail then she should be taken for ivf (should be councelld well about failures etc%of success of conception % of abortion posibility of multiple preg and so on) NATURALLY SHE HAS TO BE WITH AN INFERTILITY CENTRE .A TEST TUBE BBY CENTRE.
Urine for pregnancy test if negative give Primolut N 5 mg bd for 5 days .. She will have withdrawal bleeding. In the meantime rule out PCOD. Do semen analysis of husband , HSG to exclude tubal block. If ok go for ovulation induction.
Hyperthyroidism causes irregular anovulatory periods . Hyperthyroidism should be treated properly. Pregnancy test to be done for amenorrhea
Thank you doctor

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