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MOUTH ULCER , ANOTHER NEW SIGN ADDED TO THE LIST OF SIGNS,AND SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19. COVID-19 pandemic seems to be on a mission to end the human race. It is constantly throwing one after the other challenges on us and scientists around the world. While at one end, researchers are desperately trying to develop an effective COVID-19 vaccine, on the other hand, the viral disease is showing new symptoms at regular intervals. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, breathing issue, fever, and dry cough were considered as the prominent symptoms of COVID-19 disease. However, now, mouth rash has also joined the list. A recent study conducted by the Spanish researchers from the University hospital Ramon y Cajal in Madrid has found that COVID-19 affected patients are experiencing a specific type of rash in mucous membrane of oral cavity. These rashes are clinically known as exanthem . A Data of 21 patients with COVID-19 infection were looked at during the research. During the examination, the researchers found that 6 of these patients had rashes were in the oral cavity. As per the study , the affected patients experienced rashes for about 2 days before the appearance of the other COVID-19 symptoms to 24 days post that


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YES , a new symptom for us and we should examine this for indian patients
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PLEASE READ ENANTHEM - THE mouth ulcer lesion as its,nomenclature and not - EXANTHEM - a typing error Thanks
Realy awesome list of symptoms Very very difficult to guess from where to start and where to end
Thank you doctor

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Very good information and thanks for sharing wd us @Dr. Parveen Yograj sir
Thank you- Sir
Informative post
Thank you doctor
Good to read it
Irrespective of new & no. Of symptoms mortality at present is not affected in india ,it will be interesting to see if these pts had predominantly gi. symptoms or other symptoms & if they had genital affection like hsv infection & if so comparative study of their genomes of both viruses & drugs
New symptom to the list. It seems many more will be added to the never ending symptoms
YES , a new symptom for us and we should examine this for indian patients
Thank u sir. Hope for d best outcome
I agree with Dr. Shiraj agarwl.
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