What is the Relation between Shweta Pradara and Kati Shoola? Have you noticed this association?


Dear Dr. Hemant Adhikari Sir, स्वेत प्रदरमें पोषक द्रव्योका प्रवाहीत हो जाने से वहां अवकाश हो जाता है। अत: वात वृध्धि हो जाने से कटी शुल होता है । दुसरी बात कटी और आसपासका क्षेत्र वातोत्पत्ति का क्षेत्र होनेके कारण वहां विशेष वात वृध्धि होती है ।
Thank you @@Dr. Arun Chugh Sir.

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It depends on the cause. Almost always the reason is pelvic congestion, which can be caused by several reasons like pregnancy( ovarian veins of a pregnant female can hold 60 times the amount of blood as compared to non-pregnant one), use of OCPs, pelvic infection and other causes too. Leucorrhea is a symptom of pelvic congestion syndrome present in one of three sufferers. Other causes like traction of uterosacral ligament, or pressure due to fibroid on sacral nerves etc can be the cause of backache. Sir I read about this from these 2 sources : 1. Pelvic congestion syndrome by RP beck. 2. Backache from standpoint of gynaecologist George Gray Ward. Free articles are available online.
Shweta pradar and katishoola are associate with each. Some times white vaginal discharge is normal or ok when there are some harmonal changes , but shweta pradar as a disease there is symptom low backache associates when there is PID or UTI or any other diseases due to this infection low backache is a common symptom presents.
श्वेत प्रदर या सफेद पानी का योनी मार्ग से निकलना Leukorrhea कहलाता है। यह हमेशा रोग का लक्षण नहीं होता। आधुनिक परिवेश में प्रकृति विरूद्ध आहार—विहार, उछल—कूद और अधिक भारी वजन को अनुचित ढंग से उठाने पर कटिशूल की उत्पत्ति होती है।
सही है सर ये दोनों ही एक साथ देखने को मिलता है @ @Dr. Shukla Vikram sir ne thik hi likha h@ @Dr. Hemant Adhikari ji app varanan kare
Thank you Sir.
Mainly both symptoms are seen together,if a lady c/o of leucorrhoea dn she ll definitely c/o backache..so both related wd each other
Yes EveryTime I See That Both are Present in Association.Good Subject For Our Discussion I Am wating For Experts Opinions .
Thank you doctor
Agree with@Dr. Shukla Vikram Sir.
Thank you doctor
Backache Asthi/ Majja Involvement
That means pain is not associated with Shweta Pradara?
Agree wit Dr. Shukla vikram sir
Thank you doctor
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