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premature ejaculation

27Y/m com. premature ejaculation since 3-4 years (take many medi.) occupation-driver no any other com. tobbaco addication-daily 10-15 mava Hot thirsty D-fish,chicken,goat's meat++ right side sleep P/h- masturbation addication tenia inf. before 1 year ➡️Mind- >15-20 vakht puchyu k saheb mati j jase ne, pakku ne??, me ghni bathi dava karvi pan kai fer padyo nahi >loss of memory-koy vastu kya muki te yad na rahe semen anaylisis- low sperm count plz advice to homeopathic medicine.


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nat mur200bd agnus cas.Q

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Agnus Castus 200 weekly × 4 dose Aswagandhya Q and Damiana Q / 10 drops BD

For the 40 year old pt.. The course of medicine will be :- 1. Lycopodium 1M - 2 drops on tongue in the morning - once every week. 2. Agnus C. Q (30 drops) + Sabal Serulata Q (30 drops) - mix with olive oil ( 30 ml)... Massage twice daily (morning and bed time) on penile length for 10 seconds. Apart from the day Lycopodium 1M taken, start after 24 hours -- Agnus C Q+ Sabal Serulata Q (5 drops each) in 1/4 cup of water to be taken xTDS.

Lycopodium 1m/3dose once in week

nat mur200bd agnus cas.Q

Rx Agnus cast may be helpful

Acid nitricum 1 m stat and constitutional medicine

Nuphur L. Q - 10 drops in 1/4 cup of water, Sabal Serulata Q - 5 drops in 1/4 cup water, both QIDS.


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