Recurrent Boils

27Y/M com recurrent boils since 15 days (take allopathic but no relif- cbc,RBS Normal) L- start right lumber region- right buttock-right lower extrimities-again right lumber region-behind right knee joint c/o severe pain++ all day c/o start redness of skin then hard nodular surface then after 2-3 days little yellowish pus c/o burning pain p/h tenia before 2 years(allopathic) boils in child age f/h -g mother-HTN,DM chilly thirsty d-spicy,bitter A-sweet sleep-left side tobacco addiction



Nat sul. Arnica

Start with Sulphur 1m

Kboils rt :-osteo -a 6c tds

I would go for NUX, SULPH, BAC,CARC

Arnica Montana 30 qid

Sepsis finger minorsurery isneedfull highpotentantibiotic dressing withantisepticlption n betadin regullarly

No Surgery Needed Dr. If you wish, Saline Wash thats all

Arnica Sulph Calc sulph

SILICEA may help.

Arnica for recurrent boils ,Get workup for DM, Ask him to bath twice in day

I opine that Sulphur as intercurrent should also be given.

First putrified boils drain with hepersulph then silesiashudbegiven highptency long duration n finally complemantry medicineshuldbegiven

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