28/F Postnatal Mother after 48 Hours after LSCS Development Palpitations ECG TAKEN ATTACHED OPINION AND MANAGEMENT




ECG revealed sinus tachycardia , LVH (by voltage Criteria). Post Delivery LSCS , Consider Blood loss, Pulmonary Embolism Which can induce tachycardia and perceived as palpitations . Due to LVH , rule out RHD. Peripartum Cardiomyopathy . Get Echo done . Correct Metabolic Factors , Acute Anemia . Simple Anxiety also during such stressful situation can cause palpitations . @Dr. Delvin Blesso

Thanks doctor for your advice There is no Blood loss will update after ECHO Done sir Thank You

The most probable reason is physiological. ECG is not showing major abnormality. It is possible that the palpitations pt is experiencing may be related to the physiologic changes that are taking place during the postpartum period. The one most likely to affect the heart would be the decrease in blood volume. Taking in enough fluid and salt to maintain blood volume in the upper part of the normal range. Hearts that are pumping at a low normal volume tend to experience more palpitations. Also consider breastfeeding related anxiety. early streptococcal infection without fever is a rare cause to be watched for.

Sinus tachycardia t Wave inversion in Inferior leads and lead v4,5,6 , LVH by sokolovlyon criteria. Suggest inferolateral ischemia may be rate related. , Electrolyts,ECHO needed

Sinus tachycardia. LVH with strain pattern. Lt ant fascicular block with lt axis deviation. Loop diuretics, ACEI, Nitroglycerin, Digoxin, Penicillin antibiotics. ABG and repeat ECG, Echo cardiography etc

Sinus tachycardia,Lvh by voltage criteria. Could be just anxiety to the most serious conditions like pulmonary embolism,ac blood loss,RHD.get cbp.arterial blood gases, echocardiogram done

S.tachycardia Inadequate history about nature of delivery & age of pt with risk factors

Sorry sir History attached What is the Management

Sinus tachycardia.. LVH WITH STRAIN..

@Dr. Devraj Dholariya

@Dr. Mahantesh R Charantimath


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