28 year old female complaints of Fever with chills,cough with expectorant Generalized bodyache and weaknes Since 2 months X ray attached to reports ,no known comorbidity Bsl normal' Kindly suggest management and diagnosis


Rt upper lobe is radiolucent Cavitory lesion seen inconsequential Leucocytosis This suggest acute septicemia Likely lung abscess rt upper zone D/d Aspergillosis Rx inj piperacillin+inj tazobactum 4.5 gm tds Inj Ceftriaxozone 1.1 gm bd Inj dexamethasone 8hrly Sos add inj flucanazole As per response Rest supportive treatment

Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

Rt upper lobe pneumonitis ? Tubercular Viral Pneumonitis Ad CBNAAT Sputum exam HRCT thorax RT PCR for COVID

Rt lung upper lobe consolidation with cavitation Leucocytosis TUBERCULOSIS Adv Hrct chest Sputum AFB and C/S CBNAAT


Cavitation with consolidation in rt upper lung with rt subpulmonic effusion most probably kochs adv CT chest to ruleout other lesion

Rule out Tuberculosis. And do USG abdomen for liver abscess.

Basal haziness Plural effusion with pneumonitis

First do sputum AFB.. ?? Urinary tract infection.. cxr shows right side opacity in upper zone .Apical area

Koch,s lesion- rt.upper & middle zones.

Go for ultrasound abdomen. Is she having in right hypochondriac region

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