A rare cause of stroke..

28 year old male patient presented out partial seizure involving left UL and LL since 5 days along with weakness of left UL and LL. Patient is not a k/c/o diabetes or HTN. No significant past history or family history present. On examination, patient conscious oriented, PR-88/min,BP-122/76, no Pallor icterus lymphadenopathy clubbing. B/L babinski sign (+), power of left U/L and L/L is 4/5. All other systems examination were within normal limit. Seizure was controlled with LAMOTRIGENE 25 OD. Kindly comment on MRI and MRV images and suggest for further evaluation and management.



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Young patient with ICH at right temporal region with probably insult to posterior cerebral artery Non-DM, Non-HTN Conservative management Continue Lomotrigene 25mg bd

Respected Sir, kindly see the MRV image and suggest management

Haemorrhage in rt fronto parietal grey matter explore by neurosurgeon

Sir,Kindly see the MR venography report and comment..

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