28 years boy admitted with dengue haemorrhagic fever 6 day today afibrile platlets 26000 pcv 47.5 mild cough bp 100/ 80 iv fluids giving now please xray finding and advise


polyserositis is common in dengue. they can develop pleural effusion and ascitis.. if pts is not having any respiratory symptoms than don't worry just treat symptomatically than effusion will subside itself over a few days.. don't try to tap now as platelets are low if it becomes a traumatic tap than you will be causing more harm.. Just treat symptomatically and monitor platelets. . if he has any other bleeding manifestation than transfuse platelets..

Rt sided haemothorex due to dengue haemorrhagic fever due to low palatelates count.wait and watch if no symptoms present .if symptoms present plasma platelates infusion must.Further Tt conservatively.

right pleural effusion. treatment depends upon patients symptoms if there is dyspnea, hypoxia then transfuse platelets and do pleural fluid aspiration. if asymptomatic no need for aspiration , if other causes for fever with thrombocytopenia are ruled out give steroids , as the critical phase of illness subsides the effusion subsides...

likely right sided pleural effusion... lung ultrasound follwed by tapping may be done...if that is negative then ct chest to rule out lung pathology... however if pleural effsuion is confirmed..it is likely hemothorax due to dengue haemorrhagic syndrome...as platelets are low, they should be transfused and icd insertion for hemothorax evacuation after platelets are repleted... Treatment will be as per cause of the abnormality

Right sided pleural effusion , In dengue, polyserocytismay cause effusion and ascitis. Wait and watch, if no symptoms ,it will clear automatically,

pleural effusion..send a diagnostic tap...fluid accumulation in dengue can occur due to capillary leak... treatment is only adequate hydration rest n maintain airway...

if the fluid is hemorrhagic then platelet transfusions n ictd insertion

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any treatment please

Rt pleural effusion. mostly of same disease complex. no need to rush to aspirate, unless causing dyspnoea. xray quantum does not appear to cause that. NO STEROIDS PLEASE. KNOWN TO WORSEN. supportive treatment and monitor platelet counts. we had a similar young school going boy with bilat pleural effusion in dengue responded well with supportive measures

any treatment sir now

No emergent treatment, just hydration it will resolve on its own

Right side pleural effusion

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