28 years lactating mother Lesions on both dorsal aspects of legs Extensors of both elbow. Severe itching , Burning after scratch, Since 1 year. diagnosis? DD? Treatment?


Good answers Doctors Thank you for responding. 1) Long duration, hypertrophic lesions with severe itching and LICHENIFICATION. More favour to LICHEN SIMPLEX CHRONICUS on dorsal aspects of both legs. Multiple violaceous lesions with scratch marks and wickhams striae in 1 st pic on lateral aspect of hand more favour to LICHEN PLANUS. 2) DD ALLERGIC Contact dermatitis IRRITANT dermatitis Sebhorrheic dermatitis Plaque PSORIASIS NUMMULAR dermatitis LICHEN striatus 3)TREATMENT: a) Topical application of momentasome and salicylic acid night time. Tab fexofenadine 180 mg daily night. Salicylic acid 6% cream on morning. Intralesional steroids are best on this case. Dr. Aditya Regarding your Cory on following.... Why so medicines? Why to start with steroids? Dr.Aditya.... without any problem in the body, you should not prescribe any steroids. But here problem have associated with multiple factors. It may be atopic, traumatic, acne keloidalis Xerosis, venous insufficiency. So according to the patient 's complaint, prescribe the medication. First our moto is to satisfy the patient's feel. To get the quick respond by using steroids only . Authoritatively we can use steroid safely without any trouble the patient by start boosting effect. Then maintain by safe systemic approach.I hope, you can understand my impression, Dr.Aditya. Thank you. Here I mentioned one example, In good conditioned Car, we can drive without any support. But some times, battery problem (shutdown) or other starting ( dynamo) defect. We can start car by pushing. So here pushing is Steriod. Once start car, it won't give problem Dr. Aditya. Ok thank you .

Sir, can we give combination of salicylic acid and clobetasol in morning and mometasone and salicylic acid in evening??

Lichen simplex chronicus with secondary infection in a lactating mother. Becs of severe itching . Ampicillin 500mg bd 5 days orally Cetrizine 10mg at night Polaramine 2mg in the morning Halobetasone with Gentamycin in inflected areas Halobetasone with Salicylic in Licheified areas. DD Psoriasis, Eczema , Lichen planus

Why so medicines? Why to start with steroids, i am not getting.

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Lichen planus chronicus

Psoriasis? Lichen simplex. Antihistamines Betsalic S ointment for local application. Lobate GM in infected areas Antioxidants

Lichen planus. T/t-Fexofenadine(120)-1tab od for 3weeks,Prednisolone tab -start from 20mg per day in divided doses and taper for 6weeks. salicylic acid and clobetasol locally for 4weeks.

Lichen planus

Psoriasis ??

Lichen plans with infection due to itching

lichen simplex


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