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What should be best way of diagnosis and management

28 years old female pt having complain pain and burning sensation over upper abdomen since 9 month .. being treated with many gastro and other physicians ..No relief.. MC regular . All the vitals are normal . All the other parameters are normal .. Having Happy family life with two kids .. Diagnosis and treatment


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HITUS HERNIA .. GERD ... HYPERACIDITY Reassurance and counciling required. Frequent small quantity meal. Avoid oily spicy and fast food. PPI Antacids. Ondestron. Angiolytic SOS

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Symptoms of upper abdomen pain OGD scopy shows hiatus hernia Oesophageal manometry shows Normal oesophago gastric junction pressure and normal relaxation Normal oesophageal peristalsis Impression Mild acid peptic reflux disease Adv No indication for surgical intervention Conservative treatment with proton pump inhibitor with GI motility agent Combination of ESoz D 40 mg once daily Itopride 50 mg one tablet three times a day before good

Hiatus hernia If after giving medicine not relieved condition then advice to pt for surgical procedure

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Many gastro drs treat but no relief She is anxious pt. Tab proxetion 12.5mg od Tab librium bd she get relief sure

Hiatus hernai Hill grade2 Laproscopic repair Alginate Ppi

Hiatus hernia. When such medical line of treatment is not giving any result,pt needs surgical procedure. Consult gestro surgeon.

Refer to Gastroenterology dept. Because of to diagnosis and main caused for evaluation with management.

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Tnx Dr Ashok Leel sir

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Plication of the diaphragm wall, if conventional methods fail.

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Hitus hernia is a condition responsible for GERD as complaints suggest Rx long term treatment Ppis Ondestron Antacids Fractional meals Sos surgical intervention

Thanx dr Saurabh Burkul

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Hitus herenia Ad to get it operated upon

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