28 yr old male alcoholic c/o severe abd pain, tender on palpation, nausea vomiting. guide me line of rx plz...

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intensive monitoring with supportive care and a broad spectrum antibiotic coverage ( imepenam and metron). if not respnding than percut adpiration. order a cect abd. to r/o necrotising pancreatitis. be aggressive. time is important in such situation

acute pancratitis induced alcohol to keep nbm and rt insertion, use antibiotics with anarobic for supper infection, proper hydration, do ct scan abdomen

Cirrhosis of liver with chronic pancreatitis.

yes be aggressive .start pipra tazo with metro , keep pt nbm, insert rt, cvp line , close monitoring of vitals.pt may go into ards or septicaemia if not managed properly in initiatives few hours.

Immediate CT scan of abdomen, antibiotics, fluids, glucose correction, calcium check.

ICU admission Rt isersion NBM sr amylase CT abdomen plin contrast inj octride 100 s/c tds higher antibiotics need surgery cystogastrotomy

do sr amylase if it is below 500 than manage at ur level or above then refer to dm gastro

Admit Resuscitate the patient Do Lft and serum amylase , CECT abdomen iv and oral contrast medical/surgical gastro opinion

RX inj zostum 1.5 bd oflox 100ccbd metro 100 cc tds razo 20mg bd osetron 4mgbd buscopan bd trimadol 100mg bd thimine 2cc od IM inj Oct ride 50 mcg ST bd &3 litre iv fluids/day

Sr. Amylase LFT lipase and monitor in icu with acute treatment of pancreatitis

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