28 yr old woman with 3 wks of sudden onset of macular/urticarial

28 yr old woman with 3 wks of sudden onset of macular/urticarial skin lesions. Actively progressive. No allergy. Can come and go any time of the day. On the abdomen, sometimes like a band, Sometimes itchy. Progressive nausea also associated with a severe bout yesterday with vomitting. Any ideas of dx?




Hello Dr Kiran Plz take detailed history of patient..... What i think is that it may be like shitapitta . So take proper history after that plz choose panchatikta ghrita or mahakalyanak ghrita for sneha pana...Then give modi virechan or snigdha virechan acc to patient prakruti and bala by using Avipattikar churna or Castor oil.....Then for shamana use......tikta rasa pradhan and anolomaka and pachan dravya..... Like u chhose from Patolakaturohinyadi kashay or Mahamanjishthadi kashaya acc to avastha, Haridra khanda, Arogyavardhini vati, Kaishor Guggulu Shatdharan churna for amapachan.....And use sneha acc to patient present condition preferably Panchatikta ghrita as shamana sneha...... Rules out hetu completey .......By taking detailed history.....And avoid hetus...... Give feedback and prognosis of patient Thank you.

Thanks @Dr. Dattatray Dighe sir

Mam can you please give some history of patient In general yoh can advice -sanjeevani vati if no pittaj -bilvadi gutika 1BD -khadirarisht 3tsf BD -gandhak vati 1BD -triphala guggul -sadhoyo virechan - raktmokshan Advice post for nidan parivarjan


Urticaria Haridra khanda -3gm thrice daily with water ,triphla churna -3gm thrice daily with water, Panch tikt ghrit guggul 500mg-twice a day.[Histamine occurs in food as a result of microbial enzymes converting the amino acid histidine (present in all proteins) to histamine. All foods subjected to microbial fermentation in the manufacturing process contain histamine]restricts food like cheese, yogurt ,fish ,tomato etc


Urticaria. Constitutional homoeopathic treatment may effective

Nux vomica if and only if menses is early or too early. It is suitable when there's urticaria with gastric symptoms. But such correlation is absent -hence unsuitable- if menses is usually late.

Shitapitta .Snehapan with mahatiktaka ghrita followed by virechan .Haridrakhanda 2tsp with milk morning empty stomach Tab - Bilvadi vati 1 tid B/ food with hot water. .Patolakaturohiniyadi kashayam 15 ml +20 ml hot water mix 2times after/food Tab - amlaparimala 1 tid A/food Tab - Arogyavardhini vati 1tid A/food Tab - sootashekhar ras with gold 1 Bd A/ food. .Cutis oil for external application.

Urticarea (dadru)/,RX virechana, kapha vata hara chikitsa,

Suspect unknown insect bite as it's associated with vomiting,,,I came across some similar cases in my clinic,,am suggesting allopathy,,,,try inj avil IM stat,,,inj hydrocort IM stat,,,tab levocet 5mg at night,,, tab wysolone 20mg TDS,,,cream clobetasole for whole body application bd,,,,,,,try this n inform me if u get positive outputs,,,,,,,all d best

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