breast wound

28 yrs fatty women breast wound. Please suggest any drug for dressing for fast healing




Unhealthy granulation tissue..dressing should be done with Hydrogen peroxide and Eusol..excise Unhealthy non healing part if required..antibiotic cover..rule out trauma, type II DM, family history of Ca Breast.

Dressing with normal saline with a course of broad spectrum antibiotic After granulation tissue develops u can think of split skin Graft

Placentrex ointment is good for healing. Do dressing with normal saline daily. Give higher antibiotics like linezolid or after wound swab culture sensitivity test result .

Go test for CBC, RBS Tab ceftum 500 mg xbd Tab levorab dsr x bd Tab flucal 150mg evry wk Placentrax with bitadin ointment L/A

Detailed history please.. Wound size, exact site . any lymph nodes palpable etc.

It was just a boil. patient raptured it. And after it become like this

त्रिफळा kwatha dhawan Jatyaadi tail pichu Ayurvedic treatment

Thank you doctor

Culture report is necessary Lactating or pregnant?

Non lectating

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