28 yrs female c/o anorexia and vomiting what is the cause and treatment for this altroxin 100 started since then she start vomiting as soon as she eat something she vomit

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a case of hypothyroidism. exclude acute gastritis. APD . ADVISE ppi & domperidon preparation. .

Hypothyroidism Need more history and findings to evaluate further Anorexia and vomiting could be due to anaemia, Gastritis. Needs Eltroxin, PPI's, Hematinics etc.

Rule out hepatitis.

Look for evidence of adrenal insufficiency. Chronic hypothyroidism is associated with subclinical adrenal insufficiency. When started on full dose thyroid supplements it gets aggravated.

hypothyroidism with apd. altroxin 100 in morning, ppi with levosalpride, ondem

Consultation with a endocrinologist is needed. it is a emergency. the patient should be prevented from myxedema coma. urgent referral to tertiary care hospital.

Hope u ruled out pregnancy. If not try to rule out Liver pathology. If every thing normal lastly functional disorder being young lady

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