14yrs female child. history of fever 3days back at present afebrile came with complaints of weakness. Afeb. pallor+++ mild icteric. lab reports attached please guide further management and treatment.

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As per report pt has hb 6gm and has jaundice looks to be c/o hemolytic jaundice R/o malaria rest of investigations should be done like urine aus antigen lfts usgetc
Severe anaemia, mild icterus with history of fever. Please get left with AA done . MCV is more than 100 and platelet count is low in this case .hence anaemia may be since quite some time . Please rule out malaria and scrub typphus . PBF for virocytes. To confirm hemolytic jaundice go for PT INR and APTT
DD haemolytic jaundice, Megaloblastic anaemia,Dengue haemorrhagic early features, hookworm infestation,malaria c deficiency of G6PD,mylofibrosis,. Correction of anaemia needs blood transfusion,Bone marrow biopsy, aldehyde test for Kala azar.Treat accordingly
Thanks Dr S Nag
Clinical exam. Is not elaborative. What about liver and spleen. How long fever was there. Anaemia macrocytic rule out Malaria otherwise it may be viral fever with severe Anaemia macrocytic. Vitamin B12 assessment is required before initiation of tt .
As per history and investigation reports it's a case of ? PANCYTOPENIA with HEMOLYTIC JAUNDICE It needs to investigate briefly It will be better to consult Hematologist as well as Gastroenterologist
It's megalo blastic anaemia Think for transfusion Buit up Hb upto >8.5 to 9 Usg abdo pelvis Stool for OB Serum B12 level Deworming
I agree Dr.Rana Rajesh Singh..treat the jaundice and investigation for CBC. MP. IGG IGM .LFT.USG abdomen.chest .x ray.
Megaloblastic anemia, pancytopenia can occur in megaloblastic anemia. Do B12 level, bone marrow examination, LDH level.
Pancytopenia with unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia R/o hemolytic jaundice do Reticulocyte count bone marrow biopsy
Looks like typhoid fever with megaloblastic anemia....other dd like malaria and dengue rule out
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