28yr male with 1wk h/o oral ulcers,was on oint.zytee n becosule,but

28yr male with 1wk h/o oral ulcers,was on oint.zytee n becosule,but no improvement



IMPRESSIO: Multiple Apthous Minor Etiology:Stress, overenthusiastic, Constipation, Menstrual cycle irregular, Guargle allergy, sharp tooth cusp, long standing Msaid consumption, vitb12 deficiency, vegetarian especially jain category more prone Rx modality: These r alternate use drugs given with necessary needed given by us Tab.vitb12 Tab Bifolate Tab MVBC Tab.MVBC+zinc Tab . prednisone 20mg Tab . Deflazacrt 6mg lA for Topical application Steroid for TA Guagle if not allergic Lubricating agent Tab flora Dt Luxative sys. Tab.Antacids Adv to pt for highly fibrous green leely veg.for fast healing All r drugs which is given now a days nw u hv to choose out specific drugs which needs ur pt...Thanks....

a pagefull medication n why steroid

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Apathus ulcer Tab Rebazen tid Tab Folic acid Tab Fluconazole OD weekly. Metronidazole TID for 7 days. Cream Laxanox application Betadine gargle with water All for 2 week.

ofloxacin bd . and pantaprazol 40 mg tds...

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As I have already written about such cases before, I repeat once again, these are aphthous ulcers, ZOCON50 1-OD,BIFILAC CAP 1BD, FOLIC ACID 5 MG - TDS, MEDROL 4 - MG 1BD ,BEPLEX FORTE 1BD Orally and Tess Gel + Zytee Gel +metrogyl gel, mixed together in 1:1:1 ratio and applied locally 3 to 4 times a day. Attend to constipation if any and avoid spicy food but take Curd

Multiple apthous ulcer..start on low dose prednisolone 20 mg for 3 days and taper off..use triamcilone local gel..

is this patient a gutka chewer n smoker first correct his constipation then go for treatment n if possible Go for liver detox to prevent the relapse

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methylcobalmin in therepeutic dose * Anxiolatic drug * Pentakind DSR ...bd * Rebargen ...1 bd

yes agree with Dr Ameya. and also agrew with shyam, that from oral hygienic condition pt does not show any habits. Rule out constipation and or sharp cusps etc.

D/D Apthous ulcer Traumatic ulcers Vit. Deficiency Malnutrition Herpetic ulcer Rx Multivitamincapsule limcee Candid mouth paint Betadine gargale Oral hygiene maintaine

It's Apthous ulcer.....

Stomatitis, advised steroids in tapering doses.

Yes I agree with Dr.Ameya ..it's a case of multiple apthous ulcer..the main goal of treating this patient is to reduce the frequency, duration,number and the size of the ulcers. I feel first try with Amlexanox 5% paste bid, triamcinolone acetonide (Tess) 0.1% paste tid and sucralfate 5 ml Sol qid...keep under observation...then if it doesn't subside start with prednisolone

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