29 yr old male with left partial seizures n headache.diagnosis n mx.what if this was on left side.what if this was an infant



this is a case of Neurocysticercosis. give mannitol along with solumedrol for 3 days to resolve edema. for partial seizures DOC is carbamazepine start with 200mg BD, can increase upto 400 mg BD. add tab Clobazam 10mg HS. do not give albendazole.

Irregular thick walled ring enhancing lesion with perilesional edema n mass effect. . Tuberculoma Vs Abscess. Need other sequences..

Glioma also is a DD..

Cysticersosis. I children tuberculoma will also be a d/d. Treatment Mannitol and corticosteroid to reduce cerebral oedema. Anticonvulsant . Do not give antihelmintics. They can lead to severe local reactions. Analgesics for headache.


case of cystisercosis. agree wth karajgaokar sir

size and app. suggest possibility of cystic glioma can not be ruled out. what is spectromet. finding on MRI

what about necrotic centre glioma with perilesional edema n mass effect

the history says 29 male..so why discuss infants

it has an option for infants also

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if it is in infant toxoplasmosis, Avm, abscess. don't know Lt side lesion. any side specific lesion? sir please reply


It's a cystic Sol Get me spectroscopy to rule out dd of abscess Anticonvulsant antiedema measures followed by surgery

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